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Meet the Uncles

Brandon Long developed a love of cooking from a young age.His love of cooking eventually developed into a passion for barbeque. It started when he was young by eating (devouring) all of his favorites and later turned into a curiosity about how food was made. It didn’t take long before he found something that would change his life forever. BARBEQUE!He started small by cooking for family functions and friendly gatherings and the response was always overwhelmingly positive. Over the next few years while he was honing his skills he realized that he was constantly searching for a great BBQ sauce.With not much luck he decided to take matters into his own kitchen. After countless trials and recipes Brandon had created the sauce that he had been searching for. This sauce is now known as Drunk Uncles. Brandon and his brother in law Taniel Pogharian decided to bottle it up to share, not just with family and friends but with you.Welcome to the family!

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