When you smoke a brisket for 15 hours you don’t want to cover up all of that flavor that you worked hard to develop with a thick BBQ sauce that will drown out the taste of your meat. You want something to compliment the meat perfectly, something to enhance the flavor.This is what you get with Drunk Uncles BBQ sauce, a Texas style sauce that goes well with everything without covering up the flavor.Our award winning sauce goes great with anything. Beef, pork, chicken and everything in between.And if you think that it’s only for BBQ think again, my kids won’t touch a chicken nugget unless they haveDrunk Uncles BBQ sauce, or as they know it “Daddy’s Sauce”.Here at Drunk Uncles it’s important to us that you enjoy the taste of our sauce and feel proud serving it to your friends and family because after all, that’s how it was created.

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